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We provide Edtech and BI soultions with Digital Marketing and Blockchain services

Empower your business with our comprehensive suite of solutions. From EdTech and Business Intelligence to Digital Marketing and Blockchain services, we've got your growth and innovation covered. Explore the possibilities with us today.


What We Offer

Welcome to ConnectGapps where we seamlessly blend education technology (EdTech) with the power of Business Intelligence, all served as convenient services. We don't stop there; we also harness the potential of blockchain technology and amplify your digital presence through expert digital marketing strategies. Our mission is to empower educators, entrepreneurs, and businesses alike, making technology work for you. Explore our suite of services and embark on a journey towards informed decisions, enhanced learning experiences, and a stronger digital presence.

Knowledge Center

Elevate your teaching with our user-friendly SaaS software that simplifies question paper creation for printing. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual tasks and hello to a seamless, efficient solution. Craft tailored assessments effortlessly and watch your students excel.

BI as a service

Unlock the potential of your data with our user-friendly Business Intelligence as a Service. We turn raw information into actionable insights, helping you make smarter decisions effortlessly. Say goodbye to data complexity and hello to clarity and success.

Blockchain as a service

We take the complexity out of blockchain, making it accessible and practical for businesses of all sizes. Secure data, streamline processes, and explore new possibilities with ease. Embrace the blockchain revolution effortlessly!

Digital Marketing

Transform your online presence with our hassle-free Digital Marketing as a Service. We're here to amplify your brand, connect you with your audience, and boost your success in the digital world. No more marketing stress – just results, delivered with ease. Let's craft your digital success story together.

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What Our Clients Say

“The knowledge center is amazing! It has increased the productivity for the whole staff as we don't have to do the manual task and the question set library is a game changer!”


Mahesh Tutorials

“The dashboards for BI was exactly I needed. It gave me a great insight on the segmenting my products in the market. Definately recommend their service”

Tom Smithenson, Parkmerced

“ConnectGapps helped me taking my traditional clothing boutique to Digital online brand. They accopanied me from building the webiste to driving sales.”


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Unlock value and flexibility with our pricing options. Explore the perfect fit for your needs, and discover affordability without compromise. Your journey to excellence starts here.

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